Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing for the First Certificate Exam (FCE)

Countable/Uncountable nouns, quantifiers

Articles: definite, indefinite and zero articles

Demostrative adjectives

Question forms; subject and object questions

Present simple and present continuous tenses

Present perfect and present perfect continous tense

Past simple and past continuous tenses

Used to / Didn’t use to

Present perfect versus past simple

Comparatives and superlatives with modifiers

Verb + infinitive / verb + gerund (-ing)

Gerunds: as subject/objects, after prepositions

Infinitives: of purpose, after adjectives, after question words

Result clauses with too and enough

Result clauses with so and such

Defining and non-defining relative clauses

Modal verbs of ability and possibility

The future: plans, intentions, predictions, timetables, sudden decisions and offers

The passive

The zero and first conditional

Second conditionals

Third conditionals

Mixed conditionals

The unreal past

Reported speech: statements

Reported speech: imperatives and requests

Reported speech: questions

The causative

Modal verbs of deduction (certainty and impossibility)

Modal verbs + perfect infinitve

Permission and obligation: Be allowed to / let / make

List of B2-Level Vocabulary topics

Adjectives ending in -ed/-ing

Adjective suffixes and prefixes (-able, -al, dis-, -ful, -ic, -im, -ish, -ive, -itive, -ous, un-, -y)

Extreme adjectives

Compound adjectives

Noun suffixes (-or, -ist, -ian, -er, -ant)

Phrasal verbs related with all general topics

Phrasal verbs with get, look, put, take…

Phrasal verbs with on, up, in and out

Nouns with -ness and -ment

Adverb formation

Purpose linkers

Contrast linkers

Synonyms of ‘if’

Reporting verbs

Reporting nouns

-ion nouns

Negative prefixes

Collocations with have, make, give + noun

Dependent prepositions: Adjective + preposition

Accidents and emergences


Books (Fiction and non-fiction), reading and writing

Careers and jobs



Crime and criminals

Education & learning

Family relationships

Nature and natural disasters

Environmental issues, the weather and climate change

Food and cooking





Emotions and facial expressions




Holidays and travel


Household chores

Money and money matters


Personal qualities




Sport and fitness

Technology & technological advances


The media

Travel and tourism

Truth and lies (honesty)

Writing for the First Certificate and First Certificate for Schools Exams


For BOTH types of exams, the following formats are included:

Part 1 (obligatory): Essays

Part 2: informal letter/email, formal letter/email, review, article and…

on FCE For Schools: story

on FCE (adult): report

General writing areas to study:

Formal/informal language


Paragraphing and topic sentences

Descriptive adjectives

Sequence linkers

Purpose linkers

Contrast linkers

For and against linkers

Recommending and suggesting

Proofreading & common errors